The Big Questions: Next Steps

First of all, thanks to all of you who chimed in as to how to go about crowdsourcing this idea. Some great ideas that I’m going to try to navigate here in an attempt to offer a consensus plan. And just for the record, I’m struggling a bit with what the role of “Manager of a Crowdsourced Project” is since I don’t want to be the final arbiter or any of the decisions made by the participants but also feel like we’ll be spinning our wheels without some attempt and creating a process. There is also the danger of taking an eternity to agree on a process. So, with that said, and with the knowledge that not everyone is going to be happy, here are some suggested next steps:

Idea 1: A couple of people floated the idea of asking for “lead” editors for each of the questions, setting up a separate space each of those questions, and opening it up to having people come in and add their thoughts. The “leads” would then make a concerted effort to fashion those thoughts and ideas into a coherent draft, and then put that draft up for review. At that point, people could revise, edit, etc., and we could also add a space for dissent or at least a conversation around competing ideas.

Idea 2: A number of folks noted that most of this flows from the really big question of “What is the purpose of school?”Perhaps we should tackle that one first and then set up pages for the other questions?

Idea 3: A few people suggested a combining or re-ordering of the questions. I do think that, for example, that questions 1, 2 and 9 could be merged into one, which would allow for some of the runner-ups to be included.  I’ll throw in my own personal bias here: I think there has to be a discussion around assessment somewhere in here. I don’t want to open up a whole ‘nother round of voting on questions, however, so if it’s easier, we can just go with what we have.

Some other random ideas to consider:

  • I’ll offer up the tag #10forEd to track all of this. That ok?
  • We could have an Elluminate series of discussions around each of these questions. Interested?
  • Shelly Blake-Plock is interested in exploring some historical contexts of all of this. Could be an interesting addition to a finished piece.
  • Can we shoot for Monday as a deadline for hashing out the process?

Seems people are pretty interested in seeing this turn into some type of “real” document that schools can use as a starting point for conversations. At some point, we’ll have to get really clear on our intents as well, and we’ll have to define some process for the actual crowdsourcing piece. But I’m thinking we can move this forward without too much delay.


Source: Will Richardson