Rise & Shine: Classroom spending could drop by 3.3 percent

  • A judge ruled the city’s bid to close 19 schools illegal. (GothamSchools, Post, Daily News, Times, NY1)
  • The Post says the ruling that the closures weren’t decided legally is “nitpicking.”
  • The Daily News laments that the ruling reflects a win for the teachers union.
  • Spending on classroom instruction could fall by about 3 percent this year, according to the IBO. (Post)
  • A second charter school State Sen. Malcolm Smith helps also has structural issues. (Daily News)
  • Chelsea’s Bayard Rustin High School isn’t happy about Quest 2 Learn moving in. (Chelsea Now)
  • A family was found to be hiding an arsenal of weapons across the street from Brooklyn’s PS 216. (Post)
  • Geoffrey Canada: Politicians who oppose charter schools personally use school choice. (Daily News)
  • Teachers in Los Angeles have agreed to shorten the school year, and cut their own pay. (L.A. Times)
  • Philadelphia’s schools chief says she didn’t know about major policy proposals. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Students at D.C.’s troubled high schools are gearing up to take standardized tests. (Washington Post)

Source: Philissa Cramer