Remainders: PEP member calls on mayoral appointee to resign

  • Patrick Sullivan said PEP failed to vet contract that bilked millions from taxpayers. (GothamSchools)
  • Assigning Khan Academy lectures for homework, and homework for school time. (Ed Week)
  • Cartoonists are conspiring against standardized tests, or at least they don’t like them. (Larry Cuban)
  • GAO: States used federal recovery funds as stopgaps for major budget shortfalls. (Ed Money Watch)
  • Former NYC Schools Chancellor says Governors at NBC summit still don’t get it. (Hechinger)
  • The complete 90-minute video of the Miseducation Nation panel is now online. (GEM Vimeo)
  • After SAT cheating scandal, a prosecutor calls for more test security, photos of every test-taker. (AP)
  • A New York City teacher finds lessons for his profession in Jay-Z lyrics. (Ed Week)
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Source: Elizabeth Green