Remainders: Fights over state budget precede its introduction

  • Gov. Cuomo wants to get rid of formulas that automatically increase education spending. (AP)
  • But Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos both seemed to call the governor’s bluff. (Daily Politics)
  • A principal sharply criticizes Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign against teacher seniority rights. (EdNotes)
  • A rundown of this year’s school closure issues, and the schools on the chopping block. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Parents, students, and two City Council members were arrested protesting school closings. (EdVox)
  • City Councilman Al Vann questions about the effectiveness of the Harlem Children’s Zone. (WNYC)
  • A new URL for a private school admissions test:, not (Abacus Mom)
  • Cathie Black doesn’t seem to know as much about retaining teachers as firing them. (JD2718)
  • The case of PS 114 symbolizes the tension between improving schools or closing them. (Ed in the Apple)
  • Investigators found PCBs in another Brooklyn school building, this time in East New York. (WSJ)
  • James Merriman: It’s not a conspiracy that charters open where district schools close.  (Charter Center)
  • Students at a Brooklyn middle school embroidered positive sentiments. (Be Nice Project)

Source: Philissa Cramer