Remainders: Do principals know what good teaching looks like?

  • Some principals have frighteningly few thoughts about good instruction. (John Thompson)
  • Klein complained the Times’ test score coverage was “outrageous.” (NYC Public School Parents)
  • New Cleveland contract saves jobs, cuts training days, expands peer review. (Catalyst Ohio)
  • Colorado seemed certain to pass common core standards. Not anymore. (Ed News Colorado)
  • Having a working mother won’t harm children after all, study says. (Washington Post)
  • Rick Hess liked Obama’s speech, but doesn’t want words to lead to “over-reach.” (Hess Straight Up)
  • Randi Weingarten found something to like about Race to the Top, too. (Teacher Beat)
  • A Bronx Prep educator took part in a Capitol Hill briefing urging cross-discipline work. (ACSD In Service)
  • A new paper on teacher pensions finds that unions aren’t the only ones to blame. (Eduwonk)

Source: Elizabeth Green