Monthly Archives: October 2011

What Makes One a Good Candidate for an Online Degree?

Nowadays an online degree can be the convenient path to getting the education that you have always been after, especially that this one can be obtained regardless of age, location and time. But what exactly makes one to be a good candidate for this type of program? Read on and find out: First of all … Continue reading

Remainders: A day off from school offers a chance to protest

Off from school yesterday, some city students spent day at the Occupy Wall Street protest. (City Room) An interactive map showing what has students and teachers in the streets around the world. (Hechinger) A teacher says his colleagues should thank the UFT for weathering recession and reform. (DOENuts) The founder of a forthcoming charter school … Continue reading

Council members say DOE gave them no chance to stop layoffs

Finance Committee Chair Domenic Recchia, Jr. was among Dennis Walcott's (left) vocal questioner today. On the first day back to work since 672 school aides were laid off, City Council members unloaded criticism on Chancellor Dennis Walcott for what they said was an intentional failure to notify them about the layoffs. In several tense exchanges … Continue reading