Monthly Archives: September 2011

DOE contract investigation renews attention on PEP’s role

Reports that a Department of Education technology contractor improperly stole millions of dollars from the city are returning attention to the way the school system reviews contracts. Building more oversight over contracts was one of the goals of the reauthorized mayoral control law passed by state lawmakers in 2009. The law handed review power of … Continue reading

Rise & Shine: Process begins to shutter ‘struggling’ schools

Twenty schools were notified they are on an initial ‘struggling schools list’  (GothamSchools, Times, NY1) Report found widespread fraud worth millions in a DOE tech contract  (Times, WSJ, Daily News, Post) After first uncovering the corruption, Gonzalez says officials were either complicit or clueless (Daily News) Toxin tests at P.S. 51 could be inconclusive because of … Continue reading

Remainders: Success, KIPP networks get federal help to expand

Two city charter networks are among a small group getting federal dollars to expand. (Hechinger) Meet the Tiffany Lopez Test: Do reform efforts help the most motivated poor children? (Pondiscio) A contractor with the city violated contracts and defrauded the city for millions. (Daily News) StoryCorp’s big oral history of Americans talking about teachers is … Continue reading