Monthly Archives: June 2011

Remainders: New data tool reveals a wide ‘opportunity gap’

A new data tool allows comparisons of opportunities offered from school to school. (ProPublica) The data comes from the U.S. DOE’s civil rights office and show great disparities. (Politics K-12) Maybe teachers, like athletes, should be offered premiums rather than incentives. (Matthew Yglesias) A teacher says a question on this year’s global studies exam was … Continue reading

Construction for Success Academy at Brandeis may begin soon

A judge today opened the door for construction to start at Brandeis Educational Complex in preparation for a charter school to move into the building. The hearing was a part of the lawsuit filed by Brandeis parents to stop Upper West Success Academy from opening in the Brandeis campus, which is currently home to five … Continue reading

Quest to build a better data system lands teacher in hot water

A teacher who left the system to peddle a program he created to make up for shortcomings in the education department’s data system was fined this month by the city’s ethics board. In 2009, Jesse Olsen was a teacher at Validus Preparatory Academy in the Bronx when he realized the school wasn’t accurately recording students’ … Continue reading