Monthly Archives: April 2011

Have Schools Reached Their Limits?

(Cross posted to Huffington Post) The last couple of days I’ve been soaking in a new white paper “Right to Learn: Identifying Precedents for Sustainable Change,” a document that I think nudges the serious conversation about real change in learning down the road a few steps if not more. The paper, written by Bruce Dixon … Continue reading

Remainders: What McKinsey thinks and thought of NYC schools

McKinsey once cited New York City as a district reform model to watch and model; no more. (Ed Vox) Leonie Haimson saw last night’s PEP as a frustrating denial of an overcrowding crisis. (EdNotes) Teachers at Francis Lewis HS, Walcott’s alma mater, rallied against budget cuts today. (EdNotes) Watch an architect of the common core … Continue reading

Report on thieving DOE consultant damning for IBM and Verizon

Today’s news about a contractor accused of stealing $3.6 million from the Department of Education comes from a report by the Special Commissioner of Investigations. We’ve pasted the full report below. The report paints a picture of contractor Ross Lanham’s straightforward scheme: he billed the DOE at a high price, and paid his subcontractors at … Continue reading