Monthly Archives: March 2011

Politician claims victory in city’s school bedbug policy change

Teachers who are concerned about bedbugs in their schools have a new way to seek relief. The Department of Education has set up a new email address —[email protected] — to receive complaints about bedbugs in city schools. School officials can also send photographic evidence of suspected bedbugs to the address so the department can identify, … Continue reading

Rise Shine: Cathie Black emerges from radio silence on WNYC

After three months on the job, Chancellor Cathie Black says her goal is college-readiness. (WNYC) About a third of students admitted to specialized high schools last year enrolled elsewhere. (Daily News) Lawmakers finalized a budget that will cut at least 3.42 percent of city schools’ funding. (Daily News) Kindergarten wait lists are longer than ever. … Continue reading

Remainders: Parents get mayor’s attention at budget cut protest

Mayor Bloomberg accidentally stopped by a protest against school budget cuts. (NYC P.S. Parents) Did he listen to parent activists? Leonie Haimson says no; his office says, “Yes, but.” (Daily Politics) Some say Cathie Black is in Europe, but Norm Scott says he’s heard she’s in Brooklyn. (Ed Notes) Stephen Lazar responds, with anger, to … Continue reading