Monthly Archives: January 2011

Remainders: Fights over state budget precede its introduction

Gov. Cuomo wants to get rid of formulas that automatically increase education spending. (AP) But Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos both seemed to call the governor’s bluff. (Daily Politics) A principal sharply criticizes Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign against teacher seniority rights. (EdNotes) A rundown of this year’s school closure issues, and the schools on the chopping … Continue reading

Brouhaha Part 2: What to expect when you’re expecting chaos

Setting aside the fact that tomorrow night’s school closure vote will take place in the middle of a “crippling” ice storm, the citywide school board meeting could match last year’s chaos. Last January, the city tried to push 19 school closures and 32 space utilization changes through the citywide school board in one night, leading … Continue reading

As closure votes near, thoughts on what will follow for students

Department of Education officials frequently claim that students who attend schools that are phasing out benefit from being there. As school officials told City Council members last week, students get more attention and a stronger push toward grad as the schools get smaller. Today, two posts in the GothamSchools Community section challenge the city’s story. In … Continue reading