Monthly Archives: September 2010

Remainders: New and already F-rated, a school protests

The co-director of an F-rated charter school said the city’s grades are flawed. (City Room) Though test scores fell sharply, only five percent of schools got D’s or F’s today. (Daily News) Take the progress reports “with a very large grain of salt” advises Clara Hemphill. (InsideSchools) Phys Ed teachers took Klein’s comments on teacher … Continue reading

Highlights and lowlights from the 2010 school report cards

The Department of Education official charged with creating schools’ progress reports said today that parents should look beyond the capitalized, bold-faced grades on the reports and analyze the schools’ data. “We want parents to get more involved at looking at all the information behind the overall grade,” said Deputy Chancellor for Accountability Shael Suranksy. He … Continue reading

At NBC’s education week, select teachers taught “live” lessons

Joseph Almeida, a sixth grade math teacher at KIPP Infinity, taught a lesson to adults at Rockefeller Center. Among the mix of pages, chancellors, and mayors at NBC’s “Education Nation” outdoor museum at Rockefeller Center this week were a cadre of teachers from around the country who taught live “lessons” to the general public. The … Continue reading