Monthly Archives: July 2010

Looking for the culprits behind tests’ dropping standards

What does it mean for tests to get easier? And is that really what happened to New York’s tests? The analysis that has spurred that idea in the last few weeks actually found something slightly different. The tests aren’t necessarily easier, in the way that a kindergarten spelling bee is easier than the SAT. Instead, … Continue reading

Open Mic #3: Rethinking Leadership

So last night we had about 40 people join us for Open Mic Night to talk about leadership, and I have to say, it was a really interesting conversation. The key question that stuck out for me, at least, is whether or not effective leaders have to have a strong vision for the uses of … Continue reading

Rise & Shine: Racial test score gap as wide as before Bloomberg

The gap between black and white students’ test scores is as wide as it was in 2002. (Daily News) And because scores were inflated, there’s no way to know whether students are doing better. (Times) Tenure denials are on the rise, slightly. (GothamSchools, Times, Post, WSJ, NY1) The tenure and evaluation decisions were made with … Continue reading