Monthly Archives: July 2010

Not “What” You Know

From Michael Schrage in the Harvard Business Review: When I look at who is getting hired, purported knowledge almost always matters less than demonstrable skills. The distinctions aren’t subtle; they’re immense. How do they manifest themselves? These hires don’t have resumes highlighting educational pedigrees and accomplishments; their resumes emphasize their skill sets. Instead of listing … Continue reading

Remainders: Do principals know what good teaching looks like?

Some principals have frighteningly few thoughts about good instruction. (John Thompson) Klein complained the Times’ test score coverage was “outrageous.” (NYC Public School Parents) New Cleveland contract saves jobs, cuts training days, expands peer review. (Catalyst Ohio) Colorado seemed certain to pass common core standards. Not anymore. (Ed News Colorado) Having a working mother won’t … Continue reading

As school transformation begins, some principals are let go

The city is removing principals of some schools the city is overhauling with federal funds but keeping others in place, according to an email from a principal today. In an email obtained by GothamSchools, the principal of William Grady CTE High School told his staff that the city had decided to replace him and several … Continue reading