Monthly Archives: June 2010

Rise & Shine: City weighing gifted screening for 3-year-olds

The top prospect for reforming gifted program screening would test children at age 3. (Times) The Harbor School’s aquaculture program could renew oyster culture for the whole city. (Times) A new study finds that charter and district schools are about even. (Christian Science Monitor) Merrick Academy Charter School conducted its PTA elections in a weird … Continue reading

Remainders: Bill Gates heaps praise on charter school leaders

Here’s a round-up of education advocates’ response to Paterson’s budget veto. (Gotham Gazette) One teacher says her “last goodbyes” to this year’s crop of students. (Miss Brave Teaches NYC) While the teacher who goes by “Mildly Melancholy” is leaving the classroom forever. (Mildly Melancholy) The rubber rooms: just like “The Breakfast Club” but with teachers … Continue reading

A musical experiment’s Regents results show promise

Last week, I wrote about a test prep program at New Design High School that aimed to boost Regents exam scores through original hip-hop songs. So did it work? According to the school’s unofficial results on the three exams the program prepared students to take this year, the answer is a qualified yes. Scores jumped … Continue reading