Monthly Archives: June 2010

Remainders: Rochester one vote away from mayoral control

Rochester is one state Senate vote away from getting mayoral control of schools. (ROCnow) More than a quarter of city schoolchildren didn’t attend the last day of school. (WNYC) Many charter management groups would be unable to run on public funds alone. (GothamSchools) No fewer than four documentaries about ed reform will hit movie theaters … Continue reading

The case of the early test scores and resulting confusion

When the New York Post ran a story last week praising a Harlem charter school network’s test scores, a few principals wondered why their own schools’ scores hadn’t arrived. State and city officials were also puzzled. City students sat for the science and social studies exams only weeks ago and the state won’t release the … Continue reading

This public service message brought to you by middle schoolers

Students from East Harlem’s Isaac Newton Middle School for Math and Science were briefly famous yesterday after a video about them landed on YouTube’s home page and was watched nearly 150,000 times. The video touted a project the students did as part of the extended-day program run by the nonprofit Citizen Schools. The project had … Continue reading