Monthly Archives: April 2010

Rise & Shine: With closures on hold, school space is extra tight

It’s not clear whether the idea of tenure for teachers will weather the teacher quality push. (NPR) With school closures on hold, some of the city’s new schools are still without homes. (Daily News) A building that houses four schools in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy lacks a shared library. (Daily News) Students at PS 47 in the … Continue reading

Remainders: Older charter schools have lower transfer rates

After a rough start at public elementary schools, a novelist found her place at Hunter College HS. City Limits looks at Bloomberg’s cash rewards program and its unclear future. A Bronx charter school student’s mother claims the school hasn’t provided needed special ed services. Analyzing charter schools’ transfer rates, Kim Gittleson finds they go down … Continue reading

New Visions awards college scholarships to seven city students

Sharmin Mollick pores over an Advanced Placement Physics assignment at Marble Hill High School for International Studies. I spent the day today with a couple of students with amazing stories — Karina Melendez and Sharmin Mollick. Mollick came to New York as a ninth-grader who spoke no English and hid her love of biology and … Continue reading