Monthly Archives: April 2010

Remainders: D.C. contract on hold, charter cap back in the news

The city’s Department of Education thinks the new charter cap bill is “a step in the right direction.” With 183 pieces of data, the system for grading schools is very complicated, writes Robert Gebeloff. Freakonomics interviews “pizza freak” Joel Klein and profiles School of One. After her daughter was assaulted at Pathways College Preparatory School, … Continue reading

State Senate introduces new bill to double cap on charter schools

The legislative battle over whether and how to raise the state’s cap on charter schools could begin again as early as next week. The State Senate’s Rules Committee, which is chaired by Senator Malcolm Smith, introduced a bill today that would lift the charter school cap to 460, more than doubling the number currently allowed … Continue reading

Fewer children tested for G&T admissions, but more qualify

Thousands fewer parents had their preschoolers screened for the city’s gifted kindergartens this year, but the classes could still see enrollment rise. That’s because the sheer number of children who scored at the 90th percentile or higher on the city’s two standardized tests for gifted programs — the OLSAT and the BRSA — increased by 10 … Continue reading