Monthly Archives: March 2010

Remainders: Race to the Top winners to be announced Monday

Given a reprieve by the court, a teacher at a formerly closing school says she’s “thrilled.” The reprieve is good news for the UFT, writes Edwize, but they’re still waiting for an apology. Four charter schools are among those affected by the court’s decision to void 19 school closures. U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan will … Continue reading

In wake of ruling against school closures, what happens next?

Now that the State Supreme Court has brought the city’s plans to shutter 19 schools to a screeching halt and the city is planning to immediately appeal the decision, the fates of the schools, their staffs and a large number of students are in limbo. Here are some questions that we have about the way … Continue reading

After school closure ruling, no news yet for anxious 8th graders

Today’s State Supreme Court decision in the lawsuit over 19 school closures appears to be good news for most of the 66,000 eighth graders who have been waiting for months to find out where they’ll go to high school. But for the 8,500 students who applied to one of the 14 high schools the city … Continue reading