Monthly Archives: January 2010

No More High School–Play Along

So this might totally fall flat on its face, but I’m wondering how all you  out there who are deeply invested in social learning spaces might respond to this unlikely but hopefully compelling scenario: Imagine for a moment that high schools as educational places vanish from the earth. How would you go about educating the … Continue reading

Next Horizon Forum roundtable: Education and the Technological Singularity

An invitation to the next Horizon Forum meeting at the University of Minnesota: Education and the Technological Singularity January 27, 2010 11:30am – 1:30pm 250 Wulling Hall (U of M East Bank) At the next Horizon Forum, you are invited to join the discussion, moderated by Arthur Harkins and John Moravec, with special guests, as … Continue reading

A guide to invisible learning

This short set of slides provides a great background on what is “invisible learning” and how we can all contribute to the discussion at Again, the conversation continues at! Source: John Moravec