Monthly Archives: November 2009

Rise & Shine: DOE released higher class size numbers on Friday

Bloomberg wants test scores used in new tenure decisions. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News, Post) The UFT is indicating that it will resist the mayor’s day-before-Thanksgiving proposal. (GothamSchools) The Daily News praises Bloomberg’s plans, calling them “an end run” around a UFT-inspired law. The Post says it hopes Merryl Tisch implements all of the changes Bloomberg is demanding. … Continue reading

Remainders: Parsing Bloomberg’s education plans

One blogger finds a problem with Bloomberg’s comparison of teachers to heart surgeons. The mayor gave the teachers union no warning before announcing his education agenda. Andy Smarick thinks Duncan’s presence signified his silent approval of Bloomberg’s plans. A DOE official gets in-depth (and defensive) with GothamSchools readers about the progress reports. A Bronx teacher … Continue reading

Mulgrew challenges Bloomberg’s get-tough tactics on tenure

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United Federation of Teachers is indicating it will resist Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to judge city teachers based on their students’ test scores beginning this year. “When we see an actual proposal in writing we will take appropriate action,” Mulgrew said in an emailed statement. “The new state Commissioner of Education … Continue reading