Monthly Archives: November 2009

Remainders: Plenty of losers in first round of RttT, Duncan says

Duncan thinks there will be a lot of losers in round one of Race to the Top. The Washington Post looks at the two major charter school studies and controversy surrounding them. A look at charter schools’ tax filings reveals the millions they take in from philanthropists. District 20’s CEC has voted to bring back … Continue reading

Class sizes rise citywide despite state aid

The city’s report on class size data surfaced quietly on Friday, revealing what many saw coming in the wake of budget cuts and teacher layoffs: an increase in class sizes, particularly in the lower grades. Preliminary data from this fall shows that average kindergarten class sizes citywide grew from 20.7 last year to 21.7 this … Continue reading

Interview with Gary Knell of Sesame Workshop

Global initiatives are often discussed but rarely implemented, and rarely come in the form of a forty-year-old television show. With the international expansion of Sesame Street, one of the most innovative and engaging children’s programs is establishing early childhood learning curriculum throughout the globe. Sesame Workshop President and CEO, Gary Knell, spoke on innovation and … Continue reading