Monthly Archives: October 2009

Rise & Shine: What’s up with UFT contract talks? Not much

A DOE report shows that city charter schools overall are doing worse than district schools. (Daily News) A report suggests that states, including NY, lowered test standards to show gains. (Times, Post, WSJ) Because it’s an election year, UFT contract talks are staying quiet and big changes aren’t likely. (Times) Today is the deadline for … Continue reading

Remainders: Reviewers wanted for Rachel Ray’s tacos

The Daily Beast looks at cities with the highest high school dropout rates. Students are planning a protest outside City Hall against the new bake sale regulations. David Bloomfield takes an evenhanded look at the role of parents in school governance. The teachers union contract, which technically expires this weekend, is full of anachronisms. Why it could … Continue reading

Hoyt’s education reform bill reaches far beyond charter cap

Much of the attention paid to Assemblyman Sam Hoyt’s proposed changes to state education law has focused on its immediate repeal of the charter school cap. But the legislation, introduced in both houses of the state legislature yesterday, seeks much broader changes. Hoyt told GothamSchools that his proposed law is a kind of “kitchen-sink bill” … Continue reading