Monthly Archives: October 2009

Remainders: For the first time, Chicago charter teachers unionize

Michael Mulgrew’s tone in last week’s union newspaper could signal a tough stance in union negotiations. Mulgrew also called for an “army of volunteers” to stave off damage caused by budget cuts. More than half the jobs created or saved by the stimulus were in education, officials said today. Norm Scott connects the dots between … Continue reading

High school report cards won’t be covered in “A’s,” officials say

Department of Education officials are tamping down expectations before next month’s release of the annual high school report cards. Testifying at a hearing before the City Council’s Education Committee, the DOE’s chief accountability officer Shael Polakow-Suransky said today that the reports will not show the preponderance of A’s that dominated the elementary and middle school … Continue reading

November agenda: Boundless conversations

The month of November promises to be a remarkable series of boundless conversations on the intersections of creativity, technology and innovation in education. First and foremost, I owe many thanks to Fons van der Berg for organizing Education Futures NL at the Creative Learning Lab in Amsterdam, November 2. The event will feature talks by … Continue reading