Monthly Archives: September 2009

Rise & Shine: Better food on the menu for some city schools

A leaked e-mail shows dissent within the SCA about a controversial DUMBO school project. (Daily News) City schools have to entice student diners with food produced under difficult constraints. (Times) Bill de Blasio and John Liu are the Democratic nominees for public advocate and comptroller. (Times) Duncan, Sharpton, and Gingrich started their national tour in … Continue reading

Remainders: Race to the Top times three?

OFEA’s Martine Guerrier is the only Tweed dweller to make City Hall News’ 40 under 40 list. Peter Murphy says the charter movement doesn’t need to ponder equality and diversity more deeply. Chicago officials are re-tooling their admissions policies since a judge threw out their desegregation order. The House goes mad for RttT and looks … Continue reading

Rise & Shine: City to test all children in pre-K programs by Dec. 1

The city is suddenly testing kids in pre-K programs, as a rarely enforced state law demands. (Daily News) Bob Herbert travels with Bill and Melinda Gates on their tour to find out what schools need. (Times) The EPA wants schools to test for dangerous chemicals found in some city schools. (Wall Street Journal) Schools can … Continue reading