Monthly Archives: July 2009

Burdened children

Consumer Reports weighed backpacks at three New York City schools, reports the New York Times’ Well blog. Elementary students carried only about five pounds, but the weight soared in sixth grade. On average, 6th graders in the study were carrying backpacks weighting 18.4 pounds, although some backpacks weighed as much as 30 pounds. The American … Continue reading

Remainders: Deal is made, mayoral control fight fades

Bill Perkins says he’s tested the mayoral control cake, and the toothpick is still wet, or something. Beth Fertig hopes today’s deal results in fewer Bloomberg campaign mailings. Alaska’s the only state not in the red this year. It’s also the only state that’s expanding pre-K. Clara Hemphill on the Upper West Side pushes for … Continue reading

If Every Student Had a Computer

So Sheryl and I have spent the last week here in Melbourne kicking off a four-month PLP project with 120 or so teachers from Victoria who are part of a pilot project where all of their students will have netbooks in hand in the next few months. There seems to be a growing commitment here … Continue reading