Monthly Archives: June 2009

Celebration for mayoral control’s end draws few attendees

An “eviction notice” for Schools Chancellor Joel Klein is held up by end-of-mayoral-control celebration organizer Nicola DeMarco. Only a handful of New Yorkers showed up to an afternoon-long party planned to celebrate the end of mayoral control. The seven people who gathered outside Tweed Courthouse at 4:30 p.m. today were outnumbered by members of the … Continue reading

On eve of expiration, Bloomberg’s plans for Board of Ed a mystery

Talks are underway between City Hall and the city’s borough presidents to craft a plan for what to do if mayoral control expires tonight — but it’s not yet clear that Mayor Bloomberg will cooperate with plans to reconvene a Board of Education tomorrow. Asked if Bloomberg has indicated whether he would appoint the two … Continue reading

Critics of 2002 law hopeful Senate will pass a compromise bill

As Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg warn of “total chaos” and ominous “uncharted territory” if mayoral control expires tonight, another, less-frenzied possibility is emerging. The possibility hinges on the success of efforts underway right now to produce a compromise mayoral control bill in the Senate, according to a spokesman for the Campaign for Better Schools, … Continue reading