Monthly Archives: June 2009

Remainders: In the rest of the world, education policy goes on

Excerpts from a parent listserv on the topic of tonight’s mayoral control deathwatch party. Did mayoral control really expire today? A Daily Politics reader says it might have. Business leaders in Chicago have concluded that Arne Duncan’s reforms failed. (Via Russo) A space fight in Red Hook between a district school and a charter school … Continue reading

Your guide to the uncharted post-mayoral control landscape

It looks like Governor Paterson’s 7 p.m. extraordinary session failed to renew mayoral control. Mayor Bloomberg has already put out a statement (read it in full below) condemning lawmakers for “being held hostage to partisan politics.” We’ve published a guide to the uncharted territory of a post-mayoral control world. Here’s a summary: 1. The borough … Continue reading

City Council recommends adding Muslim holidays to school year

The City Council passed a resolution today calling on Mayor Bloomberg to add two Muslim holidays to the school year, a proposal the mayor has repeatedly opposed. For over a year, a coalition of Muslim New Yorkers has lobbied the Department of Education to change its policy. The mayor has said he does not favor … Continue reading