Monthly Archives: March 2009

Constructing Modern Knowledge

Just wanted to put in a mention of Gary Stager’s summer conference “Constructing Modern Knowledge” coming up this summer in New Hampshire. I’ve cribbed Gary’s description from Dave’s blog below. This highly-affordable, immersive, minds-on institute is my attempt to create a space in which educators can explore a wide range of ways in which computers … Continue reading

Announcing: PLP Boot Camp for Leaders

Sheryl and I are excited to announce the inaugural Powerful Learning Practice Visioning Boot Camp for Educational Leaders to be held at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia this summer. You can get all of the details here, but the bottom line is we’ve put together a three-day event for a limited number (25) of … Continue reading

“Social Media is Here to Stay.” Just Not in Classrooms, Please

danah boyd delivered a talk for Microsoft recently with the title “Social Media is Here to Stay,” and I’d classify it as must reading for educators wanting to get nudged a little further down the path to rethinking classrooms. I just love the matter of fact way she describes what has happened in terms of … Continue reading