2009: The year of educating in Society 3.0

Throughout 2009, Education Futures experienced a 17.11% increase in readers, hailing from 183 countries around the world. Thank you!

The Society 3.0 series proved to be very popular, accounting for the majority of visits. Here are the top five articles of 2009, listed in descending order of page views:

5. Singularity University: February 2, 2009
4. The role of schools in Education 3.0: April 20, 2009
3. The role of technology in Education 3.0: April 21, 2009
2. Designing Education 3.0: April 19, 2009
1. The role of teachers in Education 3.0: May 10, 2009

Moreover, the post from last year that started it all, Moving beyond Education 2.0, remains the most popular post, overall, at Education Futures.

What started from a simple idea sketched out onto a table turned into a great series. Thank you for your continued readership, collaboration and sharing!

Source: John Moravec